Twitter debuting Communities

Twitter debuting Communities

Exciting (probably) news! Twitter is debuting Communities!

Twitter communities, company’s answer to Facebook’s groups, are officially debuting on Twitter. They were announced in February, during Twitter’s Analyst Day and now are finally in! So soon you will be able to interact with other users in a more theme-friendly environment. Excited?

As Twitter’s staff product manager David Regan explained in a blog post “While you can tweet only to your Community for a focused conversation, Community pages and timelines are publicly available so anyone can read, quote tweet and report Community tweets. We want to continue to support public conversation and help people find Communities that match their interests, while also creating a more intimate space for conversation.”

Guess what the first Communities are about! Dogs, astrology (why, oh why!) skincare, sneakers(?) and weather. Interested? Well, remember that only people in a Community can like or reply to a tweet in that particular Community you are interested about.  New members must be invited first by moderators or existing members. So, to become a part of a Community you have to be invited first. In the future Twitter is planning to enable users to be able to discover and join communities they are interested in… but for now it’s going to be quite exclusive (or not) Community of member-get-member folks. And remember, Communities are guided by rules determined by their moderators who set the tone of the conversation.

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