That’s the hardest part, probably. Polish born, living in Ireland, working within telcos industry for the past few years. Marketing is a big part of what I do. That’s all, probably. Apart from everything else.


What can I tell you about me?

I left Poland back in 2005. Like many of my compatriots I was looking for a better life. I found it, eventually. Started with some odd jobs in the UK, I finally ended up in Ireland. I found my love here and decided to stay. Despite the weather. Or maybe because of it.

For the past few years I have been heavily involved in broadband industry, building brands, marketing, project management, sales and operations. Virtually anything you can think of when it comes to presence in the business world.

Marketing is probably the most enjoyable part of that. Especially since I discovered a little thing called Facebook Ads. Obviously, I couldn’t stop there… Google Ads came next. I thought I rule the world… until I learnt how unprofitable my campaigns were. So I studied and studied… and studied. How to measure, how to optimise. How to create engaging content. And convert. That’s the biggest thing. What I learnt aling the way is that marketing by itself amounts to nothing. It has to have an objective. A goal. More often than not it has to be linked with financial objectives. With sales. It has to benefit you somehow.

Obviously, I didn’t top with ads. I circled back to “traditional” marketing. After all it’s all connected. You can’t just focus on one channel and hope for the best. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Anyway, it’s my story, what’s yours?