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Self SEO Guide – Tutorial Part 1

self seo guide Introduction What is this Self SEO guide about? There are many businesses out there s…

Ethical social media marketing

Social media marketing is not easy. Ethical social media marketing is even worse. There are thousand…

What is Marketing? (for me anyway)

So, in this post I’m going to try to answer an old question: what is marketing. What it is for…

Twitter debuting Communities
Twitter debuting Communities

Exciting (probably) news! Twitter is debuting Communities! Twitter communities, company’s answer to …

pinterest board
Pinterest – Social Media Platform or Visual Search Engine?

PInterest – A little bit of history Pinterest is probably one of the most underrated social pl…

Google Officially Confirms Change to Generating Web Page Titles
Google Officially Confirms Change to Generating Web Page Titles

A change, hinted by many SEO experts over the past month, was finally confirmed! Danny Sullivan conf…


We all have passions (I hope) and mine is Marketing. I started my journey with operations management and brand building only to discover the joy of marketing, especially digital marketing. That’s why I decided to write digital marketing blog… but not only that. I’m writing about marketing-related issues that go beyond just digital marketing


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